Paid To Review programs


You're looking for online business? Here are some online businesses that you can make an alternative to seeking additional money, this program is a program PTR (Paid To Write)
1.Weblogs, Inc.
You'll get paid for every post you write, but there is a minimum requirement the number of posts that must be met before getting paid.
2. Pay PerPost
You will be paid up to $ 500 per month or equivalent to write articles and reviews of their sponsors on the blog you have.
3. Blogsvertise
Advertisers parties they'll pay you when you mention or discuss the website and products and their services in the blog that you have.
4. Review Me
Once your blog is accepted into their network, then you will be paid at $ 20 - $ 200 of every post you write.
5. Buyblogreviews
You will get $ 6 - $ 100 for tips on writing your posts in your blog. Popularity and Pagerank can affect your income.
6. SponsoredReviews
You have to write a review about the advertiser's products and services on the website in your blog, and you get 35% of the wages of their transactions.
7. LoudLaunch
You must create a blog about the release of their advertisers products you are interested in, for that they will pay you monthly.
8. Blogitive
You will be paid weekly via Paypal if you post interesting stories to them.
A.9. Bloggerwave
You should write about websites, products, services and corporate sponsors on your own blog
10. InBlogAds
Write about websites, products, services and corporate sponsors on your blog and get paid.
11. Blogtoprofit
You can get more than $ 250 by writing new posts on your blog.
A.12. Creative Weblogging
You'll get paid $ 225 each month to write 7-10 posts per week in their networks
13. Wordfirm
Want to work at home and earn money? You just publish a book as a freelance writer at home and get paid.
14. 451Press
You will get 40% of all revenue generated by advertisements on your blog by writing a blog with their network.
15. Digital Journal
This blogger network will pay you for every article that you report that has news value in their blog network.
16. BlogBurner
Inquire yourself for free blog and get paid every time you write new posts. Commission on the number of clicks coming from Google AdSense on your blog governance.
17. Squidoo
You can make money by writing a blog here or choose to donate your earnings to charities.
You will also get paid by becoming the author of the article lists guidelines on the site.
19. DayTipper
Get $ 3 for every short tips that you write and publish in
20. Helium
You can get part of their advertising revenues by writing an article on her channel.
21. Dewitts Media
Get paid to write on the blog of your own property. This site requires you to have a minimum pagerank 3 to join.
22. BOTW Media
Earn money writing a blog within their network.
23. CreamAid
Earn money by submitting your blog posts in their directory.
24. BlogFeast
You can earn money from Google Adsense ads that is installed, if you use blogs in its network.
25. Mashable
Mashable hiring freelance and some staff, to offer one of the largest blog network platform for bloggers.

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