Adsense advertisements in flixya


If you have an account in google adsense and want to Increase the number of page views and number of clicks, there are Trust Airways Can you try and I hope useful for you.
Could be the first alternative to use google feed, and the second is to work with third parties, for example flixya. Now I Will only discuss about the Cooperation with third parties, namely flixya. Flixya is a program to share, similar to Yuwie, and facebook. Cans in flixya you upload photos, videos, uploaded writing on the blog, and you Can Also use flixya to display adsense ads in posting articles on your flixya example. And you Should know even if you use a third party but 100% Operating given to us. Relevant ads will from That Appear in the article you write. Usually you Can not you see the ads Pls log in to.
If you are Interested in Joining this program please follow the guidelines below!
1. First you must have an account at flixya. If you do not have please list in flixya.
2. After it, fill in your username, email, password, confirm password, first name, last name, enter the captcha and click Start Now.
3. Once completed registration, check your email. Click on the link there to verify your account.
4. After That You Can login and start editing the profile, to share videos, upload photos, blogging, etc.
5. Step Can you register your Adsense account. Do I click on my account, setting revenue
6. Will you be asked to fill out the email you use adsense registration period, postal code, and last 5 digits of phone number you Used During registration Adsense.
7. Number your adsense publisher will from Appear after you activate.
8. Wait a Few Moments. In the email you see will from an email titled "Google AdSense Access Verification for". Click the link after please follow this link.
Success would Appear written 9. If the Account Access granted. The websites you have granted access to your account If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at
10. Done! Now it's time to find a friend, referring friends, adding blog content, upload photos, share videos, and others.
Will you earn money Pls Someone clicks on the Adsense ads. Good luck!

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