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if you do not have much time for the On Line, now there is no need hawatir interesting feature of so you can always still exist. His name is a scheduled post feature. This feature allows you to facilitate you in making arrangements posting schedule. Whenever you want to post articles, system will automatically do it.
So, if you have spare time you should use your time to make the articles as much as possible and then you just set his course schedule at any time posts will be published tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next week or whenever the post to be published all without having to be regulated precisely On Line at the appointed time.
How to make a scheduled post settings are as follows:
1. Log in to
2. After that go to
3. In the post page, select "Post Option", point to post the date and time desired.
4. Please set the date and hour when your posting will be published.
5. Publish
6. Done.
It should be noticed when you hit the publish button, your post will be automatically scheduled and will be published according to a preset time. If you want to stop scheduling enough just save it as a draft.
Good luck friend!

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