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POGO Project on Goverment Oversight has become the financial regulatory eyes and ears for our nation. And recent history has shown us that the Congressional oversight is severely lacking. POGO has provided a huge window of transparency into the SEC with utilizing the Freedom of Information Act.
Previously unpublished investigative reports exposing a wide range of serious misconduct at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are now available on the Project On Government Oversight’s (POGO) website.
over the last three years full twenty reports produced and not previously released on the SEC’s or SEC/OIG (Office of Inspector General) websites are linked here. Insider trading, perjury, breach of ethics, misuse of resources, and so much more. Little wonder the SEC accomplished so little during this period.
POGO obtained many of the investigative reports by the SEC Office of Inspector General (OIG) through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and from other sources. While some investigations were previously reported by the media and congressional offices, most are nowhere to be found on the websites of the SEC or OIG.
The previously unposted reports include investigations into retaliation against SEC whistleblowers, the agency’s failure to vigorously regulate Bear Stearns, conflicts of interest, and insider trading by SEC employees. POGO previously raised concerns about the SEC ignoring recommendations made in the OIG’s reports.
More information on the SEC OIG’s investigative reports can be found on POGO’s blog

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